Instructions for Downloading Winplot and Winstats

winplot is a free graphing utility that was written by Richard Parris, a math instructor at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire. Sadly Richard passed away in 2012. After Richard's death the program was still available for a number of years on the Exeter Academy math department's web site. Working versions of winplot and winstats (a simple to use statistical analysis package) can be intalled on a Windows operating system by right clicking on the links below. This will download a zipped version of the program to be installed on a directory of your choosing. Click on Run and the program will display a destination directory of c:/peanut. You can change this to any valid directory name which, if it does not already exist, will be created when the Unzip command is issued. For use on Madison College computers you should probably change the directory to be on your H: drive. Once the program is installed you can create a shortcut to it on your desktop.

Link to the zipped version (September 13, 2012) of winplot:

Link to the zipped version (August, 7, 2012) of winstats:

A link to a Power Point tutorial on winplot:

A link to winplot files used in the calculus sequence:

This page is dedicated to the memory of Richard Parris who undoubtably spent many hours in making and revising these programs for the benefit of both students and instructors. He is  missed by many.

Richard Parris
Richard Parris
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