New Links For Spring Break and Beyond!
The Takehome Exam and some other stuff:
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Are you looking for A&P1's Takehome Exam??

Click on the link below:
Takehome Download

Want to go to the video homehork for Spring Break?
Stuff to do over spring break

Good Website For You To Know About!

Want to chat with other pre-health people? Want to know what drop-out/fail rates are in A&P1 and A&P2? Want to join a community?

Here is a link to's discussion on drop and fail rates in A&P. But you should check out the entire "student site":

Want to educate yourself regarding placebo effect, "alternative medicine" and quackery? Be prepared to have your assumptions tested!

Educate yourself
at the Science-Based Medicine website at: .

or at SkepticDoc's:
Skeptic Doc's .

or at the perennial favorite:

Hear something health-related, and want to check its veracity?

(in other words, want to know if it is bull$#!%????)

Check out this website:

Health News Review
The following links will be used
the entire semester:
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