New Links For Spring Break and Beyond!
The Takehome Exam and some other stuff:
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Are you looking for the last Practice Practical??

Click on the link below:

Practice Practical #3
125 questions
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Good Website For You To Know About!

Want to chat with other pre-health people? Want to know what drop-out/fail rates are in A&P1 and A&P2? Want to join a community?

Here is a link to's discussion on drop and fail rates in A&P. But you should check out the entire "student site":

Want to educate yourself regarding placebo effect, "alternative medicine" and quackery? Be prepared to have your assumptions tested!

Educate yourself
at the Science-Based Medicine website at: .

or at SkepticDoc's:
Skeptic Doc's .

or at the perennial favorite:

Hear something health-related, and want to check its veracity?

(in other words, want to know if it is bull$#!%????)

Check out this website:

Health News Review
The following links will be used
the entire semester:
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