Mainframe COBOL Abend Codes

Code Probable Cause

I/O Error

  • Attempt to read after AT END
  • Referring to an I/O area before opening and reading a record
  • Reading a wrong length record

I/O Error

  • DD statement doesn't match FD
013 Something doesn't match up between the program and the DD statement. Check the system message IEC141I for a more complete description of the error

I/O Error

  • Invalid or missing data set information. Check the file description
06x Error closing a file
09x File opening problem (usually related to a print file)
0C1, 0C2, 0C3

Operation program check

  • Invalid or missing DD statement
  • Reading from or writing to an unopened file
  • Runaway or uninitialized subscript or index
  • Dropping off the end of the program
  • Invalid OBJECT-COMPUTER clause
0C4, 0C5, 0C6

Addressing program check

  • Runaway or uninitialized subscript or index
  • Missing or invalid DD statement
  • Reading from or writing to an unopened file
  • Opening or closing the file twice
  • Dropping off the end of the program
  • Using a divisor or multiplier that is too large
  • Using the wrong SORTLIB in a COBOL sort

Data exception program check

  • Data item not initialized
  • DISPLAY data moved to a numeric group item
  • Improper definition in the LINKAGE SECTION
  • Invalid or misaligned data in an input file
  • Improper initialization using MOVE ZERO
  • Runaway or uninitialized subscript or index
0C8, 0CA

Arithmetic overflow

  • The receiving field of an arithmetic operation is too small
0C9, OCB

Divide Exception

  • Attempting to divide by zero
122, 222

The operator cancelled the job with or without a storage dump

213 The system can't find the file as the JCL describes it. Check the system message IEC143I for more information
322 The job exceeded the amount of time allowed by the system or by the TIME parameter of the JOB or EXEC JCL statement. Check to determine if the program is looping.
337 The disk doesn't have enough space to allocate the file
722 The number of print lines exceeds the system limit for the file. Check to determine if your program is looping. If not, modify the JCL to increase the number of lines permitted.
806 A requested program wasn't found in the system libraries specified.
80A Not enough storage is available to execute your program
D37 A file requires more disk space than was requested by the DD statement. This can be caused by underestimating the amount of storage needed for the file, or a program loop that contains a WRITE statement.
E37 The disk does not contain enough available space to allocate the amount requested for a file.